Driver in Queen's Day attack dies

Police rush to get out Karst T. out of his car after it slammed into a monument in Apeldoorn on Thursday.
By our news desk

The 38-year-old man who killed six people on Thursday in Apeldoorn died early Friday morning.

The man, who has now been identitified as Karst T. from the small town of Huissen near Arnhem, died in a Deventer hospital at 2.58 a.m. on Friday morning. With his death the criminal investigation against him is officially over.

But many questions still remain. Karst T. has been accused by authorities of having targeted the Dutch royal family when he drove his car through a crowd barrier and a throng of people in Apeldoorn on Thursday. He narrowly missed the open-topped bus carrying the royal family and slammed into a nearby monument instead. Five people were killed and twelve were wounded including the driver.

Police are still investigating what T.'s motivation might have been, and whether others were involved in Thursday's attack. A search of T.'s house revealed no new clues.

T. was described by neighbours as someone who was friendly but kept to himself. According to his landlord, T. had recently been fired from his job as a security guard and could not longer afford the rent. New tenants were supposed to move into his apartment today. T. has no criminal record, and no history of mental illness.

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