'A nice quiet fellow'

By Derk Walters in Huissen

Former neighbours in Huissen remember 38-year-old Karst T. as a 'nice quiet fellow'. Police are no closer to figuring out why he tried to crash his car into the royal family's bus.

He lived in complete anonymity - until he shocked an entire nation with his final act. Karst T. (38), the driver of the black Suzuki Swift that crashed into a crowd in Apeldoorn on Queen's Day, died on Friday morning in a hospital in Deventer.

Until yesterday, T. lived in an apartment complex in het centre of Huissen, a town of 17,000 inhabitants near Arnhem. He had canceled his lease, and new tenants were supposed to move in today - except that police have now blocked off the street and are searching the apartment for clues about T.'s desperate act.

Not many people in this neighbourhood know T., who moved here two years ago. The one thing they remember is that he would always roar past in his souped-up Suzuki. His hair was shaved on the sides. He almost never had visitors, not even family.

Once in a while, T. would make an appearance at café Het Moment on the corner of his street. A regular there who occasionally talked to T. says he was fired a couple of months ago from his job as a security guard. Nobody had complaints about T. - not even his landlord who says he always paid the rent on time.

T. was just as unknown in Velp, eight kilometres to the north, where he lived until 2007. He was a "nice quiet fellow", says his former landlord, Kees den Hartog. "I never spoke with him much except for when he signed the lease. I think he was working as a fork lift driver in Apeldoorn at the time."

The local paper De Gelderlander reported that T. grew up in De Liemers, on the other side of the Lower Rhine river from Huissen. His father apparently worked there as a civil servant. T. has no criminal record and he had no history of mental problems.

Police said yesterday that no explosives or weapons were found in T.'s home. There are no indications that other people were involved in Thursday's attack. All that is known is that T. told police immediately after he crash into the monument that his intended target was the bus carrying the royal family. He may have taken the reason why to his grave.

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