Prosecutor: Streaker planned attack on Dutch queen

The vegan streaker became famous when he made a surprise appearance on a popular television show.
By our news staff

An animal rights activist - known in the Netherlands as 'the vegan streaker' - has been arrested on suspicion of planning an attack on queen Beatrix, the Dutch public prosecutor's office confirmed on Tuesday. Gerard Spong, the attorney of the 24-year-old Peter J., told reporters about the charges earlier.

J. was taken into custody from his mother's house in the southern town of Vught on Monday. The police searched two houses and confiscated two computers, a prosecutor's spokesperson said. The activist has also been charged with illegal possession of weapons, although his lawyer said no arms were found in the searches.

The prosecutor said the allegation is based on "pretty extensive" testimony that revealed J. wanted to attack the queen because she regularly wears fur in public. Lawyer Spong denies his client had any such plans.

The vegan streaker became famous in the Netherlands last year when he made a surprise appearance on the popular television show, Mooi Weer De Leeuw. J., wearing only briefs and with the words 'Meat is murder' and 'Stop animal suffering' painted on his body, was subsequently stripped of his underpants by TV host Paul de Leeuw during his live show.

Earlier attempts to draw attention to animal rights included streaking at sports events such as the ABN Amro tennis tournament.

J. has been arrested at least twice before. In June his pre-trial detention was suspended because of personal circumstances. J. was allowed to go home to take care of his ailing mother after being arrested in April for releasing 2,500 minks from a fur farm.

He was also arrested for disrupting the Queen's Day celebrations last year, and prosecutors also suspect him of setting fire to the van of a local Vught butcher.


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